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This course contains almost every detail of illustrator explained in a very effective and practical manner. The theory portion is supported by practice examples that give you a hands on experience and hold on software. It introduces you the interface and tools of ilustrator CC. Also, it takes you through the Graphic Designing Concepts, Photo Manipulation and Retouching,

What you'll learn:

  • What is Adobe Illustrator CC 2017?
  • The difference between illustrator and photoshop
  • The difference between vector and pixel Illustrator uses
  • Get to know the lists Learn abbreviations
  • Get to know the control panel
  • Get to know the Menu Bar
  • Learn to control the color of the main interface
  • Color and swatches in illustrator
  • Work with shapes, type tools and pathfinder

Image trace and clipping tools

The courses are accredited by Al-Nahda University Academy
The largest university in Upper Egypt since 2006

Engy Youssef naguib

Graphic designer for 5 years. Familiar with design using adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator and adobe InDesign. Graduate in faculty of computer science and information system, UI/UX designer & Aptech trainer at NUB

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