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This course contains almost every detail of  income tax:

  1. The concept of Tax - Its characteristics - Its objectives - Its types
  2. Development of Tax System in Egypt
  3. Income Tax Law No. 91 of 2005 and the Consolidated Tax Procedures Law No. 206 of 2020
      • Income Resources for Natural Persons and Legal Persons “Companies”
      • The tax on natural persons and its calculation method and practical examples of income

A - Salaries and all terms and conditions
B - Commercial and Industrial profits
C - Non-commercial professions
D - real estate wealth

      • Tax on Legal Persons “Companies”
      • Taxes withheld at source
      • Deduction, collection and advance payments under tax account
      • Obligations of funders and others:

        A - Notifications and bookkeeping
        B - Submitting tax Report
        C - Tax assessment
        D - Inspection and Investigations
        E - Collection Guarantees
        F - Appeal Procedures
        G - Penalties
      • Implementation of the Unified Tax Procedures Law No. 206 of 2020 issued on October 19, 202

        A - What is meant by the taxpayer, taxpayer, funders and tax report
        B - Rights of funders and taxpayers
        C - Obligations of funders, taxpayers and others
        D - Organization of tax Management
        E - Tax registration and tax card
        F- The electronic tax report and the mechanism for submitting it
        G - amended tax report
        H - Tax Control
        I - Tax Inspection and notification of assessment
        K - Collection and payment of tax
        L - Clearing - tax waiver - tax refund
        M - Tax Appeal Procedures
        N - Penalties

The courses are accredited by Al-Nahda University Academy
The largest university in Upper Egypt since 2006

Emad malaty ibrahim

General Manager at General Taxation Management – Benisuef from 1987 Till 2020(33 Years).Certified trainer from tax management till now.owner of accounting office

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