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- Java

o Introduction & setup Configurations

o Java Fundamentals

o Variables & Datatypes

o Operators

o Expressions, Statements, and Blocks

o Control statements

o Arrays in java

o Strings in java o Java

-Object Oriented

o structured programming vs object oriented programming

o More on Classes) Java Classes & Java Object(

o Nested Classes

o Encapsulations

o Access modifiers

o Constructors and De-constructors

o Inheritance

o Polymorphism (Overriding and Overloading)

o Abstraction and Interfaces

o setters, getters, this

o Abstraction & Interfaces

-Java advanced

o Handling Exceptions.

- Java GUI - Project GUI

The courses are accredited by Al-Nahda University Academy
The largest university in Upper Egypt since 2006

Hanaa Atwa Sayed Ahmed

Aptech trainer at aptech academy NUB university, Experience :2 year in teaching in Misr university for science and technology(MUST),Graduated from faculty of Computer Science and Information System Fayoum University

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